Hello, I am Sharky's Wife. My Name is Vixen. I am an American Shark we met on the set of Jaws IV. My career has gone much better than his but he has not had the luxury of having my personality plus he was involved in the rap scene for ten years and his acting career started late. you can see me in the upcoming flipper movie. Well until later bye bye from ther love shark.

Hello, My name is Willkur I have deen diagnosed with MPD, for you people who don't know my that is multiple personality disorder, so here a few of my personalities, soon to have a page of their own.
Politically Correct Shark - A shark dedicated to the linguistic correctness of this evil world
Political Correct Sharkette - A Female personality that embraces "sharkhood" but insists that male sharks perpetuate the image of the evil attacking shark.
Baby PC Shark - You get the picture
Macarena Shark - A latino dancing shark
Cackle Shark - God help us
Power Shark - Down with the man
Dave - A Shark that thinks he's a dog
The Love Shark, He attacks you with Kisses
Shark Master W - A rapping Shark
Da Gangsta Bitch Shark - If anyone can read this please help me.
Plus many, many more.

One of them goes by butthead the other one is joe I believe he's an Oriental

hello my name is Joseph J. Sharkito, Sr. I am Italian not Asian you racist old peckerwood Sharks: The Next Generation