A Poet in Exile: The Poetry of James D. Morrison

Justice for JDM

Sign the petition to have James Douglas Morrison's politically motivated conviction over turned. Mr. Morrison was convicted of Indecency in a town that had 13 full frontal nudity clubs and ten nights later comedian George Carlin performed in the same theater. The same evening the 'living theater' which had nudity was performed less then two blocks from the Dinner Key Auditorium. But what fact most don't know is that no exposure was ever proven through photos or eye witness accounts. The fact that one of the most artistic of the 1960's performers has this conviction tainting his reputation is an insult to the United States of America and our judicial system.

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Only registered elegible voters in the United States can sign the petition. Lets bring justice to an artist.

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Why do I drink
So that I can write poetry. Sometimes when it´s all spun out
and all that is ugly recedes
into a deep sleep
There is an awakening and all that remains is true.
As the body is ravaged
the spirit grows stronger.
Forgive me Father
for I know what I do.
I want to hear the last Poem
of the last Poet.



James Douglas Morrison is one of the most important figures in American Poetry in the last 50 years. His contribution to American Literature is nearly ignored.

Poetry takes a beating in any society as pragmatic as ours. Morrison is the onramp to the poetic highway. Morrison was the shaman and we are tribe. He was the founder of the feast and we, the poets he inspired, are enjoying the feast that he has provided for us.

More poetry and song lyrics from the founder of the feast

Doors Lyrics some of these are also writtern by Robbie Krieger

5 things todo to give respect to the man who has inspired us for so long

1) Read and Study His Books of Poetry. Insist that any bookstore you go into place these books in the poetry section not the music section.

2) Buy then donate his books to a library.

3) If you are a young person ask your english teacher about JDM as a poet not a rock idol

4) Study JDM's influences: Rimbaud, Neitzsche, Kerouac

5) Create art of your own, write poems, novels, write songs, paint just be creative