I decided to add this essay after I was about half finished with Inside the Matrix. While writing the book I concentrated on two areas- thought and censorship in its many forms. Trying not to recreate Zerø, I was careful to stay away from deeply placed emotional strife and Tennessee sour mash. Also, while writing Inside the Matrix, I noticed one thing; poetry in general is an art form that most people in our day and age aren't exposed to. People didn’t seem to grasp why I was going to public readings or writing poetry. Pragmatist society sometimes ignores that which is most important.

Some people would argue that songs are modern poetry. Songs can be poetic but poems are a different art form entirely; lyrics aren’t necessarily married to poetry. Poetry seems to be dying art form, I hope with all of being that this is not the case.

Poetry to most people is something that is considered to be only for the faint hearted of this world, but poetry in its purest form speaks to us all. Poetry is about the human condition. Poetry's bad reputation is advanced by ignorance. I hope to have the opportunity to expose average people to poetry; after all I am an average guy, a Joe six-pack. If you ever met me you would never know that I was a writer much less a poet. That’s the thing, with poetry you never can tell who or what a poet is.

I am now trying to start a poetic revolution. As ridiculous as that sounds I am serious… Poetry is more than rhyming words. Poetry is pain, poetry is realism. From my point of view poetry like no other form of writing really tries the writer. Poetry can corrupt your mind then drain your spirit. Then when you look back at what you have created, it's a feeling that can't be matched. It's like falling in love every time someone gives you an encouraging word about your work.

Poetry tells us the truth and doesn't care whether we like it or not. Poetry is the rawest of all of the creative arts. Poetry contrary to its image is the most intense form of creativity mankind has ever experienced. It allows the average person to discover what he or she believes. Poetry may start as a hobby, but it becomes an obsession.

Poetry drains your emotions. After writing good poetry you feel completely exhausted; you put your emotions on the line to be instantly revealed. There is no deceit in poetry. It's too intense for deceit to enter into the equation. The poem is about how the poet feels; anything less and the poetry falls flat. Poetry makes a hero out of the poet; if not in everyone else's eyes, at least in the eyes of the poet. As Morrison said “A quality of ignorance, self-deception may be necessary to the poet’s survival.”

I believe that the true point of art is to open all avenues of thought. Once we find an avenue we like we take it until our artistic craving is satisfied. With regard to dark poetry such as that in my first collection, entitled Zero , I believe as Nietzsche said "All great things must first wear a terrifying mask in order to be inscribed on the heart of humanity". In turn, dark poetry can be terrifying- but at the same time it can make us aware of our common humanity. Society can alienate the individual, poetry can unify the tribe.

Finally I will offer my last impression on poetry. This is what I call artistic utopia which can be the most frightening of any artistic frontier. It's where all art is created. What the poet must do is learn how to tap his or her emotions without becoming overcome by them. Poetry is an art form, and it must be utilized as that. I hope I can continue my poetic experiment. I would like to thank everyone who has read my work.


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